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Rein and Wieneke - The Netherlands

'When thinking back to our wedding it seems like a movie; it was an actual fairy tale! Domaine de Savigny is the most romantic spot you can imagine, and Gretha helped us to fulfill our dream. We celebrated our whole wedding on the domaine, and because it could be divided into so many
pleasant nooks, we could see a new atmosphere being created all the time. The climax was the six-course dinner in the orchard, which was served on long tables to a backdrop of the setting sun. Gretha, as the creative designer, came up with a solution for everything, and she used small,
attractive details to complete the picture. If a rural/romantic French style is your cup of tea, Domaine de Savigny is your dream location!'


Venue: Domaine de Savigny
Photographer: Patricia van Dun

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